Enemies of People

This article is for Marjolaine Kientz The rise of Werewolves in a globalised company March 12th 2016, by Artur Skorniakov Key concepts: social market economy, demonization of employees, social peace, totalitarian corporate management, co-determination The aim of

Call for papers – December 2015

Call for Papers DeFactual is an online magazine that covers a variety of topics, interesting and relevant for all IR enthusiasts. It was created by students of International Relations with the aim to offer other students the

Revolution is passé

The case of the Zapatista November 12th  2015, by Maša Ocvirk Introduction Five hundred years of capitalism’s glory is reaching its twilight (Wallerstein 1983: 85). The omnipresent system is becoming increasingly violent and with neoliberalism being the

Nuclear proliferation or disarmament?

Which is more likely: nuclear proliferation or nuclear disarmament? October 19th  2015, by Freddie Blackman Introduction Ever since the development of nuclear weapons by the allied powers during World War II, debates concerning their use and proliferation

State and Politics in Africa

To what extent is Africa’s underdevelopment a product of external interventions? October 7th  2015, by Freddie Blackman Introduction Underdevelopment is rife across the African continent; according to the IMF, Africa has the lowest level of per capita


The Analysis of the Intervention in Libya with Reference to Liberalism and English School September 24th  2015, by Freddie Blackman About the author:  Freddie Blackman is currently in his final year of reading a Bachelors in German

Oxi and the Spectre of the Nation State

A Sketch to Understanding the Crisis; or, Oxi and the Spectre of the Nation State July 7th 2015, by Carl Roberts “In his Notes Towards a Definition of Culture, the great conservative T S Eliot remarked that